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Alderwood Cares
Caring about our community and beyond our borders.

Who We Are

Alderwood Cares is a community initiative aimed at supporting the wider community outside of our church.Through various programs and activities, we strive to uplift and assist those in need, regardless of their background or beliefs. 

Our dedicated volunteers organize food drives, provide support for local charities, and offer support to the elderly and isolated. By fostering a spirit of inclusivity and compassion, Alderwood Cares hopes to build stronger connections and create a more resilient and supportive community for everyone. 

We believe that through small acts of kindness and a shared commitment to helping others, we can make a significant, positive impact on the world around us.

All donations and/or funds raised go toward intended target; none are allocated to Alderwood United Church.

Annual Food and Toy Drive
Annual Food and Toy Drive

Food drives occur biannually, coinciding with Thanksgiving in October and Easter each Spring. Alderwood Cares partners with the Christ Church St. James Food Pantry as one of three agencies under the auspices of the Daily Bread Food Bank serving southern Etobicoke and is part of the South Etobicoke Food Network for over 27 years. 

Our annual toy drive occurs in December and is in support of Christ Church St James Anglican in Etobicoke. 

Community Outreach
Community Outreach

Alderwood Cares is happy to support local charities such as Coldest Night of the Year. 

Our team consists of members of our congregation as well as friends and neighbours from the community, coming together to raise awareness and funds for those experiencing homelessness and hunger. The event fosters a sense of unity and compassion, as everyone walks through the chilly evening, bundled up in warm clothing, knowing that their efforts will make a meaningful difference in the lives of many.

Seniors Program
Seniors Program

Community seniors programs offer a variety of fun activities for seniors. It is a supportive network where seniors can continue to grow, learn, and thrive, surrounded by friendship and care.

Currently, summer 2024, a grant-funded weekly senior’s program is running for yoga, crafts, information session and other activities. click HERE for EVENTS. Each week, the program offers a variety of engaging activities designed to foster creativity, wellness, and social connection among the seniors. From crafts that allow participants to express their artistic flair to gentle yoga sessions that promote physical health and relaxation, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

The crafts sessions often feature projects like card and sign making, providing a wonderful opportunity for seniors to learn new skills or rekindle old hobbies. These hands-on activities not only stimulate the mind but also offer a sense of accomplishment and joy.

Meanwhile, the yoga classes are tailored to accommodate all levels of mobility and experience. The gentle stretches and mindful breathing exercises help improve flexibility, balance, and overall well-being. The serene environment and supportive instructor create a welcoming space where seniors can unwind.

Outside of our current program, organizers come up with creative opportunities to connect with seniors, such as monthly afternoon teas and providing homemade soup to people at home.

The community seniors program is more than just a series of activities; these gatherings are a fantastic way for participants to make new friends, share experiences, and build a strong sense of community.